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Limit to Australian key sources (explained below)

NSW bills

Limit to global key sources (explained below)

What the sources are: Australia

Aust Edu Australian websites with .edu as the domain (ie educational institutions)

Aust Gov Australian websites with .gov as the domain (ie government institutions)

RBA Reserve Bank of Australia

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics

Treasury Edu Australian Treaury: government department resopnsible for budget

ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation websitess

SBS Special Broadcasting Service websites

AM/PM/Insiders Outstanding ABC current affairs programs, AM, PM and Insiders

Board of Studies BOSTES in NSW

What the sources are: Global

Edu All websites with .edu as the domain (ie educational institutions)

Gov All websites with .gov as the domain (ie government institutions)

Org All .org websites, which includes OECD, World Bank, IMF, UN etc

Vatican Website of the Vatican

Brit Museum Website of the British Museum

CIA Website of the CIA, which includes the CIA factbook

BBC Websites of the British Broadcasting Corporation

CNN Websites of CNN which includes news and CNN Money

PBS Websites of the Public Broadcasting Service, the US broad equivalent of BBC and ABC

Al Jazeera Websites of Al Jazaeera, a news service like CNN from Qatar

Economist Website of the Economist Magazine

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This tool enables teachers and students to identify better quality material from the richness of the web. Essentially, by selecting the checkboxes to limit the search, or clicking the appropriate search button, much higher quality material is retrieved from the google search. This tool is merely enabling the user access to core google search functions without having to know the special google search syntax. When the search is run in google, you can see the syntax that is created.


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