Customised subject based revision webapps for schools and their students. School webapps done the right way.

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Why SubjectBuddy

SubjectBuddy models the assessment schedule for students for a given subject, and within that schedule randomises questions from school specific past papers. It also publishes school specific guidance and content for students.


  • no programming needs to be done by the school. Questions are provided by the school from past assessment tasks using an easy supplied template

  • the webapp does not need itunes, or the android store, to be used by students. It is accessible by any browser on any device

  • the webapp can be projected in class, or used by students at home

  • hosting can be at the school, or provided

  • webapps can be for as many different year and subject combinations as desired to support learners (ie a SubjectBuddy for 12 Geography, and for 11 Physics)

  • works on all ios, android, mac and pc devices

SubjectBuddy was written in New South Wales, Australia as a configurable codeset to enable rapid bespoke publishing of school specific assessment content for high performance. Coding is completed by us to incorporate the school's questions in the webapp

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